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Tasting Notes
Earthy | Nourishing  | Detailed

Steeped in complex flavours of South African Honey Bush, spicy ginger and revitalising turmeric.

Golden coloured blooms of the Honey Bush shrub grow on the West Cape of South Africa. A relative plant to Rooibos and naturally caffeine-free. Brewing robust in colour and flavour makes it a perfect partner for turmeric and zesty ginger.

Feel nourished after a pot of this restful blend.



South Africa 

Brewing Guide

Brew at 100 degrees for 2 – 3  minutes. Perfect just as it is, or with lemon and honey.
Storage and Packaging
* All of our blends are handcrafted and packed into our signature glass jars.
* Keep your jar out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dry location to preserve the life of your tea.
* Refills available for conscious and sustainable practices. Help us reduce waste and the impact of single-use items.

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