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Tea Garden Co

Pyjama Party Artisan Gift Box


Rest into slow and joyful moments with a celebration of carefully crafted pieces. With everything you need to brew the perfect cup packed inside.

The Tea - Loose Leaf | Hand blended | 1x 30 Cup jar 
The Cup - Small Batch | White Porcelain | Handcrafted
The Infuser - Long Lasting | Stainless Steel | Fine Mesh

Pyjama Party

Herbal Tea Collection

Naturally caffeine free


Tea Base Origin:

Relax into a fresh river of wild Egyptian peppermint. rounded with a gentle hue of spearmint and lemongrass. Finished off with a notably chilled-out edge

of passionflower. You’ll have sweet dreams sipping this classic mint with a twist.



Pyjama Party Artisan Gift Box