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2022 Royal Tasmanian Fine Food Award Winner


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Tea Garden Co

Tea Trio Collection


Escape Morning, Noon & Night with our curated trio box.

Compose new daily rituals with three full sized jars of our most loved everyday blends.

French and Fabulous, Choc O'clock and Pyjama Party are hand blended and packed into our classic clear glass.

Linger a little longer with your loved ones this Mother's Day

French and Fabulous 

Black Tea Collection


Tea Base Origin:

Ceylon Sri Lanka. This gentle and aromatic blend pays tribute to the classic Earl Grey. Swift and gentle with waves of rose and sweet stone fruit.

A perfect accompaniment to any afternoon.


Choc O'Clock 

Herbal Tea Collection


Tea Base Origin:

For the chai lover who needs a caffeine break. Revive your afternoon cup in a haze of spiced chocolate and South African Red Rooibos. A bold brew of spices on a bed of freshly hulled cocoa shells. Thanks to our friends at Jasper and Myrtle chocolate for their signature PNG cocoa bean. It’s ethically sourced by the team and roasted in Australia.


Pyjama Party

Herbal Tea Collection Naturally caffeine free


Tea Base Origin:

Relax into a fresh river of wild Egyptian peppermint. rounded with a gentle hue of spearmint and lemongrass. Finished off with a notably chilled-out edge

of passionflower. You’ll have sweet dreams sipping this classic mint with a twist.

Tea Trio Collection