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Tea Garden Co

Roasty Toasty


Tasting Notes
Nutty | Detailed | Earthy


For the Oolong purist, a refined, sophisticated blend full of rich nutty flavour

A golden infusion of roasted Japanese Green Tea known as Hojicha. Carefully balanced with the naturally rich, filled hues of Milky Oolong. A well-rounded blend with lingering notes of hazelnut.


China & Japan 

Brewing Guide
This Oolong is tightly bound in shape. Don’t miss the chance to watch the leaves dance and unfurl themselves in each brew of liquid, it’s magical. 

Brew at 80 degrees for 2-3  minutes. Let the kettle lid sit open for a few minutes or add a dash of cool water to bring down the overall temperature before infusing. Keep the leaf for a second or third brew and notice the flavour development. 

Storage and Packaging

* All of our blends are handcrafted and packed into our signature glass jars.
* Keep your jar out of direct sunlight and in a cool and dry location to preserve the life of your tea.
* Refills available for conscious and sustainable practices. Help us reduce waste and the impact of single-use items.

Roasty Toasty