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Good Morning London

Good Morning London

At Tea Garden we have many wonderful blends. Each perfect in their own way, and we truly believe there is something for everyone. We have wonderful blends full of fruit, ones with herbs, indulgent ones full of caramel and chocolate, and those pure blends perfect for the everyday. Some are special, an acquired taste for those chosen few, while others are wildly popular and always seem to be selling out.

Good Morning London is one of those blends.

But what is it that makes this blend so popular? Why is it so often the blend of choice not only at Tea Garden, but around the world?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Depending on who you ask there are two different origin stories for English Breakfast. The first being in 1834 when Englishman Richard Davies emigrated from Hull to New York, and started the Canton Tea Company. To set himself apart Richard gathered the finest black teas he could get his hand on making the first English Breakfast. Something that the English had never heard of before.

The other story comes from 1892 with a Scottish Tea master called Drysdale, who wanted tea drinkers to have a stronger brew, and marketed his new brew for breakfast time. Queen Victoria loved the brew when on a trip to Balmoral and took it home with her to England. Here it became known as English Breakfast.

No matter its origins it is one of the most known blends in the world.

The types of black teas added vary from brand to brand, however most blends source their tea leaves from Sri Lanka, Ceylon, and Assam. They are then combined together to make a tea with a wonderfully smooth flavour.

Our English Breakfast is made from five different black teas. The extra leaves give it a nice, deep, rich, malty flavour. The caffeine content is significantly less, and is released into the blood stream at a slower rate saving you from the jitters associated with coffee making it the perfect beverage to start the day.

Why not buy a jar of our Good Morning London and try it yourself.