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Our Journey


Hi I’m Mikhaila
Founder, blender, and curious explorer, it’s so nice to meet you.


When you share in our brand I want you to feel connected. Connected
to us, to those around you, and yourself.

There is much to be gained from the still, slow, and joyful moments that
are made with a cup of tea in hand.

For me, tea is awe and wonder. An expanse of time, origins, and flavours.
It’s compelling and keeps me constantly enthralled.Building this brand is a
soulful experience. One that I love to share and I am so grateful that you’re
on this journey with us.


The Brand 
We believe that tea is timeless, a space for raw and unparalleled moments
with self and others.

We believe that quality leaf, original blends, and small batch production is paramount.

We believe that sourcing from estates that are established in sustainable,
ethical and environmental processes are non-negotiable.

We believe that sharing it is our highest contribution.


More than 4,000 years later we’re still talking about it, exploring it, and sharing it. How lucky we are to be a part of that and encounter it with you. 


In 2016 a love for the history, origin, and life of the Camellia Sinensis
leaf ignited our company Tea Garden Co. We spent our days in local
cafes, small stores, and markets. Countless hours exploring and
discovering tea with our small-knit community.

In 2018 we grew out of our first production studio and you followed.
We grew again in 2020 and moved for a second time, you came along.

Today we spend our time much the same. Exploring, cultivating, and
connecting, all with one leaf in mind and you keep growing with us. 

We are proud to be a small company. Connected to one another
and connected to you, our community. 


The Team
We are the people behind the brand. The hands that compose the blends
you sip. The team that packs each small batch creation.

We are the makers trailing behind the story we share with you.
 Welcome to
our online home. 

We are real people, passionate about crafting thoughtful products and experiences.